Wednesday, July 13, 2011

a quiet day at home

Well its Wednesday and my hubby is off work today. I love these days because we get to spend the whole day together. First we decided we wanted a full turkey dinner today so we started our turkey then started laundry played with our boys for a while. Then when the boys started gettin sleepy we laid them down and have been watching movies and folding clothes I swear the laundry never ends!!!

My husband Richard usually goes fishing on his days off but, today he decided that he wanted a family day and the only way our day could be better is if Bryce was here instead of at his dads. Bryce gets to spend a month every summer with his dad and we miss him like crazy.

Our turkey is startin to smell really good now so we are gonna keep playin with the kids and watchin movies, I love my family time I couldnt ask for a better life. I am a lucky girl I have 3 amazing boys and a husband who treats me like a rare gem that he has to protect with his heart always!!!!

This is a picture i stole of my sons dads facebook page cause my son Bryce looked so darn cute!!

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  1. I love my PorkChop and cant wait until he gets home! (by the way, great job on the blogging!!)