Tuesday, July 12, 2011

a new day

Well I have been spending my day goin through old pictures and trying to help get some information for Mikes final plans, also I talked to his mom today for the first time in years and I cried again but it actually helps to let the tears out. We talked for a good while about good times and good things about Mike that we remember and we both decided we want him remembered for the old Mike the one we loved not for who he became in the end.

After I cried and Jeanie and I hung up I rearranged all the DVDs in our t.v. stand and found out we have 211 movies in there, I really am thinking i should open a movie rental business (lol). Then my boys woke up from their naps and we played on the floor Jaycob tried talking to Hayden and got mad when he didn't talk back and started yelling at him. It was so funny, my babies always put a smile on my face.

It is raining alot right now and i love it. We needed the rain bad and the sounds a storm make are awesome. I could listen to rain storms forever.

Until next time I leave you with a picture of my youngest Hayden lookin cool in some shades

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