Monday, July 11, 2011

havin a rough day

Well I knowI already posted once today but I need to let some things get off my chest.

A man named Michael Patrick Bohn (whom I had dated for almost 3 years) was found dead of a heroin OD on Friday he was found in a park and had been dead for almost a week when his body was found it took 3 days to identify his body. He left behind a 9 year old daughter who is hurting right now and wanting her dad back she is a tough girl and has delt with her dad walking out on her all her life and now he left for good. He was no longer the Mike we all knew and I once loved he was Heroin he was the drug!!

Please readers i ask that if you know someone battling addiction please dont give up on them do everything you can to help even if they pull away just push harder please it is better to keep fighting with someone about quitting than to have to file a missing persons report and a week later have the remains found so bad it takes 3 days to i.d. the person and have to see the hurt in their child(ren)s eyes.

                                       Michael Patrick Bohn   October 29, 1982 --- July 2, 2011

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  1. Shayne this is very touching, you have a heart of gold. I am proud to call you mom!