Saturday, July 23, 2011

had a hard day

Well today was the day we released balloons for my ex Mike. It was rough but very nice. His daughter Gioanna was so happy to see all the support that was offered. It was really hard when we went to forest park to see the place his body was found but it is all cleaned up and really nice Gioanna her mom christina and I made a cross for her to put in the ground it was very peaceful and a wonderful way to remember mike.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

a quiet day at home

Well its Wednesday and my hubby is off work today. I love these days because we get to spend the whole day together. First we decided we wanted a full turkey dinner today so we started our turkey then started laundry played with our boys for a while. Then when the boys started gettin sleepy we laid them down and have been watching movies and folding clothes I swear the laundry never ends!!!

My husband Richard usually goes fishing on his days off but, today he decided that he wanted a family day and the only way our day could be better is if Bryce was here instead of at his dads. Bryce gets to spend a month every summer with his dad and we miss him like crazy.

Our turkey is startin to smell really good now so we are gonna keep playin with the kids and watchin movies, I love my family time I couldnt ask for a better life. I am a lucky girl I have 3 amazing boys and a husband who treats me like a rare gem that he has to protect with his heart always!!!!

This is a picture i stole of my sons dads facebook page cause my son Bryce looked so darn cute!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

a new day

Well I have been spending my day goin through old pictures and trying to help get some information for Mikes final plans, also I talked to his mom today for the first time in years and I cried again but it actually helps to let the tears out. We talked for a good while about good times and good things about Mike that we remember and we both decided we want him remembered for the old Mike the one we loved not for who he became in the end.

After I cried and Jeanie and I hung up I rearranged all the DVDs in our t.v. stand and found out we have 211 movies in there, I really am thinking i should open a movie rental business (lol). Then my boys woke up from their naps and we played on the floor Jaycob tried talking to Hayden and got mad when he didn't talk back and started yelling at him. It was so funny, my babies always put a smile on my face.

It is raining alot right now and i love it. We needed the rain bad and the sounds a storm make are awesome. I could listen to rain storms forever.

Until next time I leave you with a picture of my youngest Hayden lookin cool in some shades

Monday, July 11, 2011

havin a rough day

Well I knowI already posted once today but I need to let some things get off my chest.

A man named Michael Patrick Bohn (whom I had dated for almost 3 years) was found dead of a heroin OD on Friday he was found in a park and had been dead for almost a week when his body was found it took 3 days to identify his body. He left behind a 9 year old daughter who is hurting right now and wanting her dad back she is a tough girl and has delt with her dad walking out on her all her life and now he left for good. He was no longer the Mike we all knew and I once loved he was Heroin he was the drug!!

Please readers i ask that if you know someone battling addiction please dont give up on them do everything you can to help even if they pull away just push harder please it is better to keep fighting with someone about quitting than to have to file a missing persons report and a week later have the remains found so bad it takes 3 days to i.d. the person and have to see the hurt in their child(ren)s eyes.

                                       Michael Patrick Bohn   October 29, 1982 --- July 2, 2011

First day at this

This blogging thing is new to me my momma got me started as a way to just let out my feelings and not feel like I'm being judged.

Lets start this off by letting you know who i am, my name is Shayne and I am 27 years old. I am married to a wonderful man named Richard he is amazing and I never thought I could ever be treated so good! I have 3 wonderful little boys first is Bryce he is going to be 7 in October and I cant even remember my life before him, second is Jaycob he just turned 2 in May and he is a character he keeps me on my toes that's for sure, and our newest addition is Hayden he was born in April of this year and is a perfect fit in our family. Yes I am way out numbered by my boys but they love me and fulfill my life and my heart they are the reason I even wake up everyday.

  I was born and raised in South St. Louis but I met my husband in Ste. Genevieve and he is a country boy for sure, fishing, camping the whole deal. I have lived a "country" style lifestyle for almost 3 years now and i couldn't imagine raising my family anywhere else.

Well this is a good start I suppose so until next time..........