Sunday, November 4, 2012


So it has been a long time since I posted but I have been super busy! I am now a state licensed C.N.A. I'm very proud of myself! My babies are growin like weeds and eating like grown men lol. Bryce is in second grade and his teacher adores him she says he always is very active in class meaning he always figures out the answers and he always is the first one to raise his hands. He makes me so very proud. Jaycob has started preschool and boy oh boy that boy has so much energy! His teachers love him too they say he has more personality in his little toe than most people do in their whole bodies. Lol. That kid is gonna keep me on my toes I swear but he is so worth it I love being his momma! And now for my baby Hayden he is growin so handsome and tall he is almost 18months old and has the best beautiful hair it is blonde and has perfect curls. My mom told me that she would beat me if I cut his hair but its about to happen he is flirting with having a mullet lol and I'm not cutting it short short just a trim I swear! I absolutely love my babies and hubby and job well hell it's easier to say I am perfectly content and love love love my life I have worked hard and at times cried harder but I got myself where I am because myself and my kids deserve the absolute best life has to offer and no matter how long it takes I will give my kids the best life has to offer. With that said I will close this update and I will do my best to update again soon!

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