Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Long overdue update

Well hello everyone its been a few months since i posted but hey im a full time mom and work at a factory full time also so i have been busy. We have been out to my moms alot to help her get her swingset up for all the grandkids and our back yard now has a pool and a sandbox and a swingset so these kids are super ready for summer. i have been working alot and taking the kids for alot of evening walks around town they love being outside.
So Hayden is 1 now and Jaycob is 3 they are growing so fast i wish i had a pause button to make it last longer, Bryce has finished his first grade year at school and got to meet his teacher next year. He said he cant wait till second grade cause they will have a feild trip to the magic house lol that kid knows whats important huh?! lol My hubby also had a birthday and our 3 year wedding anniversary is commin up on june 2nd. We are taking a trip to Branson MO for our anniversary just him and I no kids for the first time its just gonna be us and im so excited i could scream, we need some us time. not much else goin on just livin life and watchin our babies grow.

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  1. You are always on the go........hope you guys have a good time on your vacation!